love and fate
and a touch of stupidity
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This is the species that invented space flight


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Well, this was an ego boost after drawing nothing but pap all week. 
Bonding over “My team of Man-Children are a fucking handful.”


Well, this was an ego boost after drawing nothing but pap all week. 

Bonding over “My team of Man-Children are a fucking handful.”

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Pretty much.


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minor character appreciation; emily bloom, president of ciao!

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so hard to be an angsty teen when all you listen to are showtunes


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There isn’t a thing in this world that can’t be improved with the addition of the words “xtreme,” “radical,” “gnarly,” and “totally tubular”


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If a writer ever falls in love with you, you will live in stories with happy endings and poems about rainbows, and the wonderful blue sky

If a writer fell in love with you and you left her hanging and wondering and questioning how things have come to be, you will forever be a part of the bitter lines scribbled at the end of the day, when everybody else is sleeping and she is engulfed in the dark, dark, dark place you left her in.

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after learning about transphobia and misogyny and etc its so uncomfortable to be around any person thats not educated on these issues in real life  

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jeanpaulfarte → hhHHHHHH DID YOU MAKE NEW CHARACTERS OR SOMETHING who is holt and who is forge and who is silver and what is "flight of fancy" please tell me omg OmO when you have the time that is i mean


JULIA HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN PAYING ATTENTION just kidding u perf and i know that i often leave out a lot of detail but that’s because i assume nOBODY CARES

okay so i’m PRETTY SURE you know what Punch and Run is, the story Jordan and I are planning about those two girls in the hot rod travelling the country? Well it turns out they kind of. gather other women with them on the course of their journeys. to the point where they sssssort of become a biker gang called the Gorgons.

So far we have 11 Gorgons: Punch, Run, Guns, Rose, Rebel, Owl, Book, Forge, Bolt, Hart, and Senpai. I AM ON MOBILE BUT I WILL ATTEMPT A SHORT EXPLANATION

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